After 40 years of supply,
we know fresh produce!

Established in 1971, Fruitorama was founded by the
late Vincenzo Raschella who’s aim was to provide
customers nationally with quality Australian potatoes,
sweet potatoes, pumpkins, onions and melons.

Still 100% family owned, the Fruitorama business is
made up of two main facilities – our wholesale trading
facility based within the Adelaide Produce Markets,
and our logistics warehouse based just outside of the
Adelaide Produce Markets in Pooraka, North Adelaide.

The team of over 20 are lead by Vincenzo’s sons Enzo
and Tony Raschella, who are involved in the day to day
strategic management of the Fruitorama business and
sister company The South Australian Potato Company.


White potatoes
Our white potatoes remain a favourite amongst Australian households. Ranging from snow-white to cream in colour with white-yellow flesh, with a consistently smooth skin finish. Our white washed potatoes are renowned for their versatile use. White potatoes are ideal for mashing.

Kestrel potatoes
Exclusive to the South Australian Potato Company, the Kestrel Potato is instantly recognisable by its smooth white skin and unique purple spots. The purple skin markings are formed naturally by antioxidants called anthocyanin, the flavonoid also found in other superfoods such as blueberries. The Kestrel potato is a great
all-rounder, particular good for making home-made chips.

Red potatoes
Our red potatoes are a staple in many Australian households characterised by their deep coloured red skin
and white to cream coloured flesh. Our red potatoes lend themselves well to many cooking methods and are best eaten with skin on to maximise nutritional benefits. Red potatoes are best for roasting.

Sweet potatoes
Popular in Australian households, the sweet potato is characterised by golden skin and bright orange flesh. Packed-full of nutrients, sweet potatoes are great for creating mash, bake or fries.

Seedless watermelons
An Aussie favourite!
Our seedless watermelons are
juicy with a sweet, flavoursome taste.
Available year-round.

With a mottled beige to green
striped skin, and pale orange
flesh, Rockmelons are available
year-round and are the perfect
addition to any fruit salad or
cheese platter.

Honeydew melons
Honeydew melons have a mottled
beige skin finish and a cream to
green flesh. Super sweet and juicy,
available all year round.

Brown onions
Brown onions have a brownish-yellow skin and cream coloured flesh. Brown onions are the most
popular variety in Australia, with a strong flavour they are great for grilling, frying and roasting.

Red onions
Sometimes called Spanish onions, the Red onion have a deep purple skin colour and white flesh.
Milder in taste, the red onion is the perfect addition to salads.

White onions
Also milder and sweeter in flavour than the brown onion, the white onion can be eaten raw
and added to salads and sandwiches.

Butternut pumpkin
The butternut pumpkin is a
popular Australian variety known
for its unique shape, pale orange
skin and bright orange flesh,
great for soups.


Jarrahdale pumpkin
Also known as a blue pumpkin,
the Jarrahdale pumpkin has
a grey ribbed skin, firm dry
texture and sweet taste perfect
for mashing.


Kent pumpkin
Also known as a jap pumpkin,
the Kent pumpkin has a sweet
flavour with ribbed green skin and
orange flesh. The Kent pumpkin
is ideal for roasting.



Continuous investment into technical innovation ensures we implement systems that provide
end to end freshness and food safety. Our facilities are HARPS and Freshcare certified meaning
that quality and safety hazards associated have been identified and controlled.


We recognise that we play an important part in fostering communities
in areas that we operate. For this reason, we get involved in activities
and events that are unique to these communities every year.

For sponsorship enquiries please contact us


08 8349 6055 admin@fruitorama.com.au

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